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Set Video As Live Wallpaper In Android Phones

Hello! We are back here after long time with a trick.

We don't want to say you that we are going to tell you trick.Actually ,it't not a trick.It's a application for android phone users.But we are thinking that many android users don't know about this app or if they already know about this app then they don't know about feature of this app.We have already told you that how to set a video as desktop wallpaper ? First,we don't recommend you to use this feature of this app because it will consume battery power of your android phone and reduce efficiency of battery.Now ,come to point,We use wallpapers on our android phones but never use video.


  1. First,download app.
  2. Now,long tap on your screen and choose live wallpaper.
  3. After this,select Video Live Wallpapers.
  4. Select setting option and choose video source.
  5. At last step you can select a video.

How to Download This  App?

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  3. We will message  you download link.

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Get A Smartlook Of Folders In Your PC

Welcome Back After Long Time !

Are you feeling bore with yellow color of folders in your PC ? Do you want to change color of that folders or icons of folders according to nature?You can do this easily with a single click.There is no special requirement and a special course in settings of software.You can changer colors of any folder's or change icon with any software that are available on intrnet.But,here we are going to tell you a special software that name is "Icomancer".

Get download link of " Icomancer" and download it.It's compatible with Windows7,Vista and Xp also.Icomancer is a user friendly application.In this application ,many packs are available.First,select a folder which you want to change color or icon and want to make it special with Icomancer application.After this,you can change color or icon or style and also add another pattern.If  you want to attach a picture then You should do this.This application is for that people who have many folders in their PC and they spend too much time to  find a particular folder.Another way is that they search with folder's name.But,now you can memorize folder with its color not with its name and find easily.

Download From Here

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Download Any Website For Offline Browsing

Welcome back to The Hacking University after a long time.

When ,I was learning HTML then there was a problem.I will tell you later that what was the problem ? I had already searched many websites to learn HTML but the best was w3school. I am thinking that you already know about w3school.The best website for learners who really want to learn languages like HTML,PHP,CSS,JavaScript etc.I am not advertising here about w3school.It's reality that w3school is the best.
Now,I come to the point that what was the problem ? Problem was that sometimes I had no internet connection but I want to learn HTML without internet means offline.I thought about downloading of w3school.But,how ?There are many softwares to download any website for offline browsing.But,I will tell you the best.You can download any website for offline browsing using IDM also.But,it's a time consuming process.I don't want that visitors of The Hacking University waste their time to complete steps like a tasks of a reality show.Download a small software and enjoy Offline browsing.Are you thinking that this software is not free or if it's free then its only for limited time.But,I tell you that it's completely free.

Steps To Download Website For Offline Browsing

  • First,Download the software.
  • Then.click on 'File'.
  • Now,click on 'New Project'
  • Then click on next.
  • Create Project Name & Project Category.
  • Now select Actions from drop down menu then enter web url of website that you want to download.
  • Again click on next and then finish. Downloading will be started automatically.
  • When it will be finished then click on File and browse sites and select site for offline browsing.

Download From Here

To download this software like our Facebook Page and message us.We will send you link to download software in your Facebook message box.It's only for security propose.

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Start Screen In Windows 7

Are you surprising with the title ? Yeah,I know that you are surprised with title.You are thinking that it is not possible.But,I am telling you that it is possible.But,how ? Wait,First I am telling you that what is it and how to get Start Screen in Windows 7 like Windows 8 ? I will say you to download a software which name is winmetro at last of this post. If ,you will download it and install it on your computer then I am sure that you will be surprised.
A great and cool interface for Windows Users in Windows new version that name is Windows 8.Whats the difference between Windows 8 and older versions of Windows ? I am not talking about all difference.I am
just talking about main difference and that is Interface.What a cool interface of windows 8? It is completely different from older version.But,You are missing classic start menu.If ,I say you that you can get start screen and classic start menu both in Windows 7.If,you don't have Windows 8 and want to use start screen then first read all features of this and try this.

Features Of Start Screen In Windows 7

  1. Time,Weather,News,Photo and other apps
  2. Bing Search Engine
  3. Facebook App
  4. Start menu programs on Start Screen
  5. Search Facility.
  6. All Programs in one click and much other features.
So,why are you waiting now ? Like our Facebook Page then message us on our Facebook Page and get Start Screen in Windows 8.

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How to show author profile picture in Google search results : Authorship Markup ?

Have you ever noticed an author's profile picture in Google search results ? If, you have your website or blog and want to show your profile picture in Google search results then this post will be helpful for you.

At first ,we talk about that there is any profit to add author profile picture in search results.Actually it is question for you.You are thinking that no profit means no more clicks through search results.But we tell you that according to a survey ,a search result in Google with profile picture of author click by visitors about 100 to 150 % compare to normal search results without any profile picture.You can also notice this when  you search any query on Google and open a result with profile picture not other result without picture.When you add author picture in search results then it will not improve your site ranking but you will get more clicks through search results.Actually,this complete process is  known as  "Authorship Markup".

How to add author picture in Google Search results ?

First thing is that ,if you want to show author picture in Google Search results,you will need a Google+ Profile with a profile picture.Then,verify authorship by using either  of the methods below.

Method First: Using a verified Email Address.

  • If you have custom domain like www.xyz.com and have a email address like anything@xyz.com.For Example-Our custom domain is www.thehackinguniversity.com and a email address on same custom domain like support@thehackinguniversity.com
  • Now,visit Authorship Page and enter your Email address (anything@xyz.com).
  • At last ,open your email id and verify your Email Address.
  • We want to tell two things ,first is -make sure that your all articles or post have byline identifying like "By Your Name" .Second is -Your Email Address will appear in contributor section of your Google+ profile.If you want to keep your Email private then change privacy of contributor section.
  • At last ,check that is it working or not by using Structure Data Testing Tool

Method Second:By linking your content to your Goolge+ Profile.

  • Create a link to your Google+ Profile from your webpage like this.                                                                  
  • Replace [Profile_Url] with the  your Google+ profile url like this.                                                                
  • Add a backlink from your profile to your webpage.
  • Edit the Contributor To Section.
  • Add custom link and enter your website address and save it.
  • At last check with  Structures Data Testing Tool.
  • Note,your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter.
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